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Airlink - any way to use it while your pc is locked?

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So i was trying out airlink earlier today and it seemed to work pretty good. The one issue I have was my PC had to be unlocked to use it. I was hoping I could leave my PC locked because then I could use the headset from anywhere in the house.  The security nerd in me really really hates the idea of leaving a PC unlocked, even in an empty house. But the house isn't empty - it's got two cats in it. And I know at some point if i am not in front of the pc one of the cats is going to wind up walking across the keyboard and messing something up.


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Hmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with why after some time my Airlink will not Launch. It tries, I hear the background music and then after about 20 seconds it boots back to the Q2 home screen and shows briefly disconnected to Airlink. It connects, but Launch fails. I have been rebooting and then it works, but I wonder if it is just that the screen is still unlocked after a reboot. Will have to test tonight.

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Your screen is unlocked after you reboot? By locked i mean you need to type in a password to get in - not just the power saver kicking in and the monitor turning off.

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No, I do not think you can lock your keyboard and use airlink at the same time.  If you use your virtual desktop you will probably need to unlock it anyway which would defeat the purpose.  Maybe just put a box over your keyboard to protect it being hacked into by your cats, lol!  Your Q2 box might work ok?

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I mean there should be a way for it to work with the desktop being locked. You can use microsoft's remote desktop without needing to unlock the PC. I'm guessing it's just something oculus needs to implement. or at least allow us to launch games even if we can't use the virtual desktop.

No, I still have to logon to the desktop. But then the desktop is unlocked for a bit after I log in. Last night I tested this and it turns out locked desktop was why it would not launch. I unlocked it first and it Launched. Locked it and would not launch. Unlocked again and it worked. It is beta so hopefully just not implemented yet. Not sure why they would not include that function like commercial Virtual Desktop does. Pretty basic need since most desktops should be locked after a few minutes of no use.

Unfortunately when the console(As opposed to remote desktop) is locked, it has to be unlocked with the user account via some method on the console before VR will work. Virtual Desktop actually lets you control the login screen as well as it starts in 2d non-vr mode, much like VNC. You can then enter your password/pin number and get to your desktop and switch to VR after.


Oculus doesn't appear to let you do that at all and only ever runs within the Oculus VR runtime environment. Having said that, there is no technical reason why they couldn't design the Oculus link software to have an area to save your Windows login details and on connection, if it detects the lock screen is in play it automatically enters your credentials. Just a matter of priority for them and if it's a much asked for feature.


I personally own Virtual Desktop but get better gaming performance with Oculus Airlink. If my desktops locked, I'll use Virtual desktop to unlock it then switch to Oculus airlink