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Allow Access to Data - question about don't show again

Level 3
The quest has an Allow Access to Data prompt when you connect to a PC.  It then has a grey Deny and a grey Don't show again and a blue Allow.  I want to always allow the quest to access data.  What will the Don't show again do?  It is a real pain to take off my glasses, put the quest on fiddle with controllers, then take the quest off put the glasses on, etc.  I am concerned, however that because the greys match that if I say Don't show again, then it will not allow data access and never ask me again - unless I reset my quest and lose all my data like has happened before.  I love the Quest - I do!

Level 3
What does NerveGear mean in my post?  No idea.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I'm not sure about the first part, my Quest is currently refusing to let me see it on a PC (works fine in link mode, but can't access it's storage in explorer) so I can't test what the dialog does. Although that sounds like I might have clicked "don't show again" in the past and it defaults to deny now. 😞
(The link allow dialog works like that. If you click "don't show again" for that, it defaults to no link until you manually enable in the settings)

For the second question, NerveGear is a post count rank. Below 5 posts is Level 1 - NerveGear (the vr headset in the anime Sword Art Online).
Level 2 is Brain Burst (a game in the anime Accel World).
Level 3 is Hiro Protagonist (the main character in the vr novel Snowcrash).

For a few people it is replaced with a custom title unrelated to post count like Oculus Staff or Volunteer Moderator.
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Level 3
Thanks @kojack - it would be nice to have an automatically allow option because I would assume that would be the most common setting since you are connecting the headset to the computer.  Subsequent question - does the Oculus link let you transfer files from the Quest to the computer?  And does the Oculus link interfere at all with Virtual Desktop?   I am basically looking for a quick way to save my Quest screen captures to my computer.

Level 2
If you clicked accidently clicked "do not show again" and now cannot get your Quest 2 to connect to the PC to transfer files, then go to Settings>Developer and recheck the radio button for "USB Connection Dialogue" then it will show again and you can allow connection.

Level 2
@jib I don't see a Settings developer on neither the quest 2 or the oculus app, I see an enable developer mode option which I've already done.

Level 4
I don't see the option that @jib mentioned, but if you go into Settings/Developer on the Quest itself you'll see a toggle for USB Connection Dialog. The description isn't exactly clear, but my quick test seemed to show that the dialog doesn't come up, but it still connects. 

I'm still looking for the way to make the "debug" dialog come up again. It was glitchy the first time I clicked it, and I too don't know if it worked right.

Level 2
thank you @jib , and don't forget to reboot the quest if you don't see Settings/Developper. First activate Developer on your oculus paired phone app

Level 2
gave up and reset

Level 2
I accidently clicked don't ask again does anyone know how to undo