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AltspaceVR crashes constantly on PC

Level 2

I purchased a good mic so I could use it on Altspace for karaoke and open mic sessions but,whenever I use Airlink or usb cable, Altspace crashes, first sign is my hands blinking on and off, then there are no worlds or friends in the main menu.  It will then completely crash and I have to kill off the app on the pc.


My pc is an Intel i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz 96 (6 cores) 16 GB RAM with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.  I am using Windows 10.   I have an Oculus Quest 2.


All other apps seem to work fine but Altspace just doesn’t work using the PC but works perfectly on headset.  

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this to happen?