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Always allow this computer to connect.

Level 3
This is a two answer question. However, you can only make once
choice. I thought since "Allow" was already highlighted BLUE (i.e. it was most
likely selected). I select "Don't ask me
again" which does just that... and doesn't connect. How can you answer a two question answer with one
answer?   The Quest1 (in later days) had a check box you could check "Don't ask me
again" and then you could click "ALLOW" (i.e Two questions, Two
answers...) and life was wonderful.

Why is this even a security issue? It's me, sitting at my computer, plugging my Quest 2 into my computer. OF COURSE I want this ALLOWED or I wouldn't be plugging it in to my computer. I find it hard to believe there could be a security issue with the steps I mentioned above. How could someone else perform this without physically connecting it to a computer? Even if it was stolen, the bad guy can just choose allow anyway...

I hope they fix this in a
software update SOON. It was like this for a long time on the Quest1
before they added the check box to allow the two answers. So ANNOYING. How
could someone miss this on the Q2 a newer model? I'm sick to death of
having to take off my glasses, hold the Quest to my face, find a
controller and click ALLOW (WHICH IS ALREADY SELECTED!) every time I want to add a movie, etc..

Don't say just use side quest (great app bty). When I plug my Quest2 in it
should automatically show up like an external drive, PERIOD.


Can't believe that behavior as well!