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Amazing product, very expensive, too much isssus!
Level 2

We have an Oculus Quest 2, it works well, even with Facebook Horizon Workroom. But apps are not appearing on secondary accounts in the same device.

It’s unbelievable a huge company as Facebook to impose a family to buy the game 5 times, one for each account.

Yes, I can’t let my kids to use my facebook account because it’s for adult, otherwise I will be breaking the social network rules. But hey, in this case Facebook is forcing us to let our kids to play in our accounts for adults.

Sorry guys, it’s no criticism, it’s logic.

It’s so obvious that the parents are the ones buying devices, they are the first to configure their accounts and buy games.

But when we put the kids accounts as secondary, none of the apps we bought are available there.

Really? As your product is so expensive, please fix it.

Otherwise the bar reputation will grow among the young generation cause they can only play on dad’s or mom’s account if they can’t buy 1 game 5 times.


Level 12

You are misguided, they sell quest 2 at a loss.  The real price is 799 for for the unlocked model.  The games are typically less than 30 dollars there are a great dal of games that have multisuer ability.


Do your reseach and not post something irrelevant.