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Ambient sound gone from "virtual environment"

Level 2

I just got my Quest 2 yesterday and it's amazing. However when I put it on today I noticed that the ambient sound in the virtual home environment (I don't know what to call it, it's where you start, in a snowy cabin or a desert hut etc).  I am pretty sure there was sound yesterday (sound of the wind and waves).  Am I mistaken? How do I get it back? All the other sounds (clicks, beeps and sound in other apps) seems to be working fine.


Level 3

same thing happened with mine, tho i got mine like 6 hours ago. i have one more problem which is not being able to see all the virtual environments, i downloaded a few when i got the headset then after a few hours of playing i went back to the settings to change it and i couldnt find the rest that i didnt download. 😞

Level 2

I had the same thing happen yesterday.


For my part, I have been adding and deleting a ton of SidequestVR & Itch games as well as testing out what media files will and won't work. 


So yesterday there was no ambiance in the home, but after shutting down the system last night and turning it back on this morning all is well again. I guess it just needed a nap! 😂