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Anyone Else Been Kept waiting over 6 months for a replacement headset???

Level 3

So my quest 2 randomly bricked itself, wouldn’t boot up and instead I got some never ending scrolling MSDOS-style boot menu that was unclickable. Looked through the forums and it turned out this is a widespread issue for many quest 2 users, so widespread in fact that Meta are actually replacing any headsets found to have this problem.


It’s the 17th May 2022 as I write this, and I sent my Quest 2 headset in for replacement back in November 2021!! Shortly after receiving it they confirmed for me that they would be replacing it but that was over 6 months ago now. Still nothing received despite numerous complaints, and now all I get is an automated email once every few weeks apologising for the delay. Aside from this being utterly shambolic business practice and a horrendously bad way to treat your customer base, I suspect the legality of holding onto a person’s property like this this is questionable also. Worse still there has been no attempt from them to compensate me for the disruption caused. I don’t feel like they’re doing right by me at all.

Has anyone else found themselves in this scenario? If so did you say or do anything that got it resolved? I wish I had never bought one of these now, furthermore I would definitely never buy another one knowing that this could happen again. What a terrible company! (Excuse the venting, very frustrated at this point as you can imagine!)


Any advice appreciated.







Level 2

You should always return stuff to amazon or best buy if you can.  If I was in your situation I would have bought another quest 2 from best buy, switched mine for the new one and returned for a full refund.

Level 2

Where are you from mate?

I’m in the U.K.

I mean sure that’s a thing but there should be more legitimate avenues to go down here… probably would have raised eyebrows when serial numbers didn’t match anyway 

Level 3

Just to say it’s been another month and this was the last automated creepy email I received:-


“Hello Dec,

I truly appreciate the kindness and understanding you have. 

I have put my full commitment on sorting out your concern. Hence, I have not stop on closely monitoring the progress for you and hoping for better news to deliver you. However, our Logistic team is still working on getting your concern sorted out.

All concerns are gradually being handled and as we put your concern on our top priority, I'm expecting this to be sorted out in no time. 

No progress would be made without your willingness to help and that is truly admirable. I will be reaching out soon. Till then, always do keep safe and stay kind!

Warmest regards,