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Anyone else notice an increase in controllers lagging & drifting as time goes on?

Level 4

I bought my Oculus Quest 2 in Feb 2021.  Im not rough on it and I take very good care of it. I plug it in after each use, and use rechargeable 1.5v batteries..which I change after each use. I really only play beat saber & audio trip.. about 2-3 hrs a day. I have dropped or banged the controllers 2 or 3 times, but nothing major. Hopefully thats not the case!! When I play, its in the same room as my router. I have restarted the system many times, and clean the deadset lenses after each use. I'm noticing lagging & drifting in the controllers more and more as time goes on...which really sucks when you are playing beat saber.  I really would appreciate any suggestions or tips! 


Kim (NJ)