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Anyone watch successfully Amazons live premier league or international rugby union on quest 2?

Level 2
Wasn't able to watch the above on headset using either the amazon prime vr app or on browser on amazon website. Can watch all the other stuff (not live events) on amazon prime vr app and can watch all on tablet or smart TV.  
No sign of live events on amazon prime vr app.
using headset browser on amazon website the play button doesn't do anything when clicked on if it is a live match.

Have contacted Amazon and Oculus. Both useless!

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Yeah, I can't find it anywhere on the VR app, it's either a licencing issue or an omission, as you say the games are showing on the website via the browser but don't play. I tried the Firefox Reality browser too and same deal, the play buttons don't work, so licencing is looking likely.

Only option is using the Quest with Link cable (or wireless streaming via Virtual Desktop) and watching the games via the Firefox browser on your PC (has to be Firefox) and stream to the headset via Bigscreen or Virtual Desktop (or Oculus Home on one of the screens available in your inventory).

Sorry, not much good if the Quest is stand-alone!

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