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App and Game Recommendations

Level 4

I'm new to Oculus VR and I would like recommendations of things I can acquire to improve my experience. I would also like game recommendations for my two granddaughters and even for myself. One of them is 13 and the other one is 19. I would appreciate all recommendations. Thank you.


Retired Support

Welcome to the community! Ya'll are gonna have a lot of fun, especially if this is your first VR experience! I'm not exactly sure the types of games you or your granddaughters play normally, or if this is your first gaming experience in general, so I'll suggest some games I've personally enjoyed playing, that might catch your interests.


  • For a traditional mass-multiplayer fantasy/action/adventure type of game, I think Zenith: The Last City definitely takes the cake right now. Plenty of content, and will keep you all busy for hours. It's a great one to start with.
  • You ever wonder what it feels like to be Bear Grylls in VR? Green Hell VR just came out not too long ago, and is pretty dang good as far as standalone games go. The game is smooth, and does what it's good at. Emulating a real survival scenario, where you're trapped in the woods and need to do everything you can to survive. (Not for the faint-hearted!)
  • As far as meeting other people in VR goes, I still think the best 3 games to do that with are VRChat, Rec Room, and Horizon Worlds. Those games are made on user created content, so there is always something new to look at or experience. The player-bases on those games are fairly active, so you'll always be able to talk to someone, no matter which world you end up going to.

Not going to take up too much of your time with a long post, but hopefully you all can get as much mileage out of these games as I did (and am still doing). Be sure to take regular breaks every 30-45 minutes, and to stay hydrated!

Technology, at a certain level of sophistication, is indistinguishable from magic. - some wise guy or something probably

If you are new to VR I would definitely recommend something sedentary to get you started. if you immediately launch into wild action games you will be ill in no time.

Cubism is an excellent charming spatial puzzle game that shouldn't make you unwell.

Red Matter is an escape room type affair with more locomotion but well tuned to avoid motion sickness.

The youngsters (and you, eventually) will have a lot of fun with Beat Saber, although the music tends towards synthy electronica, which may not be your thing.

If you are more of a rocker, I can't recommend Smash Drums highly enough.

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Hey @rubmartinez1951! Great question and welcome to the Oculus family! Some of the main accessories that can improve the overall experience are a new head strap for a more comfortable experience, controller grips and hand straps for ease of mind so you wont have to worry about accidentally throwing your controller into the wall, and an external power bank to get a couple more hours in VR without having to take the headset off to charge! There are plenty of options when it comes to head straps, some even have power banks already built into the head strap! Oculus/Meta has a head strap with a battery power bank already attached for sale here: Elite Strap with Battery! There are also third-party options that offer the same experience. Me personally, I have a third-party head strap and an external power bank that I velcro strapped to my headset and it works great! Here is a list of some amazon links to some products that could spark some interest:

These are just a few, I recommend taking a good look at all the options that amazon has to offer for what you are looking for. I hope these recommendation helped! 


As for game recommendation, I will keep my recommendation limited strictly to games on the Oculus store as I'm not sure if you're in the market for PCVR games (If you'd like information on PCVR, please let me know!) Here is a list of games that I personally own and I think are a great experience for first time users:

If you'd like more game recommendation, please let me know what kind of experience you are looking for and I can look into games that fit your expectations! 


Hope this helped and happy gaming! 


Super Hot and Onward to work up a sweat, Walkabout Mini Golf for peace of mind, and Beat Saber to hone my focus! With that out of the way... what can I do ya for?!

Thank you very much!


Thank you very much, all of you have been very helpful.