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App sharing disabled for device

I had an Oculus Quest 2 and had turned on app sharing, which is THE reason to have this set if you are using in a family environment. Multiple users can log into the headset and play the "apps" you've bought with your account as long as app sharing is turned on.


I happened to be the unlucky recipient of really nasty lost tracking issues and Oculus support recommened turning in for a refund or replacement. It was within 30 days, so I I did a factory reset on the device, clicked on Delete Device Data under the weblink , and exchanged my headset for a new one at the store. The new one has been working great, but much to my surprise when I went to turn on app Sharing it gives the following message:


"Can't enable app sharing - You already have app sharing enabled on another headset. You need to disable app sharing on the other headset. If you cannot access the other headset, visit the Oculus support center for more info."


At this point in time I've opened 2 tickets to Oculus Support. Its been 3 weeks with no resolution. Both have gone unresponsive after a few canned responses, (can you access with your phone, go to and click delete device data, etc). The problem is I no longer have access to nor own this device. Furthermore, its been factory wiped before being turned in/exchanged. However, Oculus my devices site shows I still own this headset, and says it has App sharing enabled and nothing will let me remove nor turn this off for a headset no longer in my possession. It really appears Oculus needs to remove the device I no longer own or flip a switch on their end, so I'm confused why their support has not resolved this issue for me nor built this scenario into their site to remove old devices or even change app sharing there.


Does anyone have any suggestions or can help disable app sharing or remove a device I do not have anymore? This is really putting a damper on allowing my family to enjoy this headset as so many games purchased are campaign games with save settings and really needs to be played on its own user account. In the screenshot first device I own and is in my possession. Second device was sent back as faulty.

Oculus Quest 2 headsets greyed.jpg


Level 4

I have the same problem and not getting anywhere with them to sort it.


Level 12



Level 2

I am on the same boat and have gotten nowhere with support.  

Level 4

I had this problem for a long time you have to just keep on at them. eventually they deleted the old unit  from my account. but saying that i have now just managed to request the silicon cover for both the units. so it is still on my account.