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App sharing

Level 2
Hi. App sharing started yesterday for Oculus Quest 2. I’ve added additional accounts but there are a limited number of apps available to them. For example, I have Beat Saber and Population One on my main account but there is no sign of it when logged in with one of the other accounts. Does app sharing only apply to certain apps? Thanks

Level 5
I don’t know anything about it really (I don’t know anyone else with a VR set),but I’d assume it’s that not all the developers have enabled it yet. I know oculus said something like they “had” to have it done by X date, but seeing as these are human beings with lives of their own, I can’t imagine how that’s practical or realistic in any way. I’d imagine the big titles (like beat saber and super hit) will be ahead of the curve, and the rest will fall into place. 

Again, this isn’t based on anything except for a basic view point on largeR vs more indie developers keeping up with change

Level 2
I have the same problem, especially with Beat Saber.

From my perspective...
I bought this game using an Oculus account shared by the family.
I bought a Quest 3 which forced me to merge that account with my Facebook account.
I obviously don't want my Facebook account shared so Oculus have effectively forced us to move to individual accounts and app sharing.

They forced this change.
My children don't have access to a game I paid for and they did have access to previously.
I wasn't warned of this consequence.

To make matters worse there is nothing in the store info to suggest this app can't be shared. So this would affect new purchases too. So it isn't even honest and transparent.

Needs sorting.

Level 4

Level 2
We bought 3 headsets for the family as another means of entertaining ourselves during lockdown. I’m not buying each game 3 times

Level 2
I have the same issue with Beat Saber.  I tried uninstalling it and re-installing.  Still not showing under the other account.  Maybe they opted out of app sharing.   I opened a support ticket with Oculus to see if they have any comment. 

Level 2
same here with Beat Saber not showing up...whyyyy

Level 2

Do you see any other games? We don't see any shared games on the accounts we created with new app-sharing feature.

Level 8

There are still quite a few games that have initially opted out of app sharing. Oculus said that eventually most games would be available to share. Whether Beat Saber or Pop 1 will be included in "most" is unknown at this point. I see a number of games being shared, but also a number that are also not being shared.

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