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App suggestion for professionals

Hi all, hope you are well.

Based on the current trend of moving to a virtual environment to develop products and designs.
I would like to suggest the development of an app that mimics the workshop environment.
I will elaborate on that.
Imagine you are in your steelwork shop and you wish to create a structure.
You will have the equipment and materials available for you to create.
For example, the app should have a library with U beams, L profiles, Round pipes, Square pipes, steel plates.
Also, the all should have the machinery used on these workshops, Welding (tig, mig, ER) CNC cutting machine, Radial drill, angle grinders, several lathes.
As a user you will choose the material, the machinery, and the action you choose to do.
This same principle should be extrapolated for the electrical parts and civil.
Basically, you will purchase the mechanical, electrical, and civil as you require.
I have some cool ideas on how to develop the user interface so if some app developer gets interested just reach out, i would be quite excited to contribute to something like that.

Cheers all.