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Are silicone front covers safe to use or do they cause overheating/fan noise?

Level 3

Front covers.jpg

Is it safe to use the Quest 2 with silicone cover A? Our Quest 2 has developed audible fan noise after a week with this cover on. It has been returned for replacement. I wonder if the firmware calibrates itself and learns to run the fan faster if it detects that it runs hotter due to such a cover (not in reaction to geting warmer during use but right from the moment it is turned on)? If it would make a difference, we would order cover B instead (Kiwi). They claim it has better cooling due to those nubs for air circulation.



Level 9

Not sure if its the same but got a silicone one on mine and there excellent.
Not heavy, not to thin, Fits really nicely with plenty of ventilation and give great protection.
This is the one i have ... Highly recommended.
Vakdon Upgraded VR Headset Protective Shell, Light and: Electronics