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Are the Elite straps really as fragile as they've been reported to be?

Level 3
I should be getting my quest 2 soon and although they're discontinued on Oculus's site they're in stock (according to the website) at my local walmart but I'm afraid to even get one considering the reports I've seen online.

Level 12
No problems with mine, I have used mine about an hour or two a day.

Level 4
Mine is still fine after 12+ days of use but yes a lot are still breaking.. It may be a small number but it's only been a few weeks since release so it's not good and they have sometimes broken in hours and days of use, at first people were saying it was user error etc but so many people have had it happen even when being extremely careful with little use. I love the quest 2 but I'm not a fan of my Elite strap.. for the price and build quality it doesn't seem worth it! some people say it's a batch issue but regardless the side straps are still paper thin and it's just not premium. Please Oculus make a new strap and send it to everyone affected, one that's worth being called Elite.  

Level 4
Before people start with all the negativity or fanyboyisim. Let's allow oculus to look into it, then we can judge after. I'm unimpressed but still open minded as to see what happens. I'm not a shill, fanboy or hater. I've seen hundreds of thoughts and theories on this already 🙂 

Level 7
There's already YouTube videos proving it's rugged. Seems to be batch problem.

Level 6
Although mine is still no problem, it is actually looks very fragile..
So I handle it very carefully and never give pressure from left/right side to the head strap. If later it just break I will use some metal and glue to fix it up..

Level 11
Mine is working fine so far, no issues but it's only been 9 days lol.
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