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Automatic startup of application when Quest 2 starts

Level 2

We have a school project and none of us have programming capabilities.

Thus, I am asking is it possible in Oculus Quest 2 that application can be developed
so that it will run automatically when Oculus Quest 2 starts? 


Also we would need to propose some solution that the settings in the application could to be easily changed remotely by administrator while Oculus Quest 2 is on. Is that possible? 


Level 2

I'm looking for exactly the same solution. I also need the APK run automatically when Oculus Quest 2 starts . Have you found a solution?

Level 4


The answer is simple : You can but you have to pay the enterprise version of the Oculus Quest 2. In this special headset you have the "Kiosk" wich is what you need.

Unfortunaly, the Kiosk is the only difference between enterprise and public version so good luck to find an other way.


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