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Awful stutter with Link all of a sudden. Caused by recent update?

Level 4
About a couple of weeks ago I started getting really bad stutter when using Link with Quest (1 gen). The stutter is most noticeable with the sound, but visually as well. By stutter I mean that for example the sound rapidly cuts in and out and the graphics are choppy. Link is now unusable for me.

I don't understand what happened, because earlier this year everything was working fine and I have made no hardware changes. I had the Link bitrate set at 350 via the Debug tool because it made the visuals look a lot better (less blotches, banding etc). Above 350 I started to get stutter, which is understandable. But now even with the default bitrate it's stutter all the way. The stutter is clearly there even when looking at the Rift menu, so it's not app dependent.

Has anyone recently experienced the same? Could an Oculus update have caused this? I'm running app version I have tried restarting the Oculus service multiple times as well as restarting the computer. The problem is really unfortunately because I won't be able to spend hours troubleshooting something that was working fine before.

My CPU is an i7 8700 and my GPU an RTX 2070 Super. Until recently this was enough to keep things smooth.


Level 3

I have the same issue. It is very easy to tell just by listening to the choppy, stuttering audio. You don't even have to be in a game, it is very apparent even in the link home environment. 


Quest 1 is unplayable via link all of the sudden. Quest 2 is playable, but the issue is still there. I've been using link for a year and have loved it so much. I've had no hardware changes.