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BEWARE: Oculus Refuses to Return Controllers

Level 2

Just purchased from Best Buy a complete Quest 2 kit and immediately after opening up the box I was unable to obtain a clear scene when using the headset. I immediately then contacted Oculus support who then determined that I had a defective kit; and I was issued a pre-paid return label to return the item. After I then returned the item I then received an email from Oculus about 4-5 hours later stating that I was only to return just the headset only. The email also stated that if anything else that was included in the return package would not be returned back to me. They then only sent to me a refurbished headset only without the controllers. Since I returned everything still in it's original box and since I had just purchased the item I thought that Oculus would make things right in this circumstance. I have been in daily contact for the past 10 days with support team and all they are doing is sandbagging me and saying that they are trying to work on some kind of resolution. It shouldn't take Oculus that long to resolve this issue. I also then took the headset that I just received from Oculus back to Best Buy and told them the whole situation; and since I did not have the controllers they could not provide me with the missing controllers; nor could I receive any kind of refund or exchange since I am missing the controllers.


Level 5

What the actual f...? You return a brand spanking new product that turns out to be defective, only to receive a refurbished one? When you accidentally return the controllers they can't even send them back to you.

I'm actually seriously starting to believe Oculus is run by bots. It's too bizarre and Kafkaesque otherwise.

Level 2

Update! I finally just now received the controllers back from Oculus; even though the support team didn't let me know that they were returning these back to me. Hopefully everything will be working fine now.

Level 2

you are not alone. I have a similar situation and they only sent headset NO controllers. I have been waiting for over 2 months now! and can't get an answer from them. SOOO FRUSTRATING!!!!!

Level 2

Well I guess that I was only of the lucky ones as it took only 3 weeks to get the controllers back.

Level 3

I sent my controllers and headset in as rma instructions said to send in original packaging and then like 6 hours later I got a email stating to only send in left controller as that is what I was having issues with and I have been now waiting over a month for some resolution. Have got nothing back and have been told by support it has already been bumped up to the highest level and that I just need to wait it out because if they add any comments to ticket it will just delay process. I even talked to guy on the phone that callled and wanted me to send proof that the rma said send in original packaging and I did and he got it and told me he would call me back when they figured something out.  Been Over a month. I have active subscriptions and asked them to cancel and still getting billed. I loved my quest but the bs I am going through will make me hate Facebook forever and I will try and let the whole world know what a bunch of slimmy no good crooks they are