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Level 2

very frustrated that I have this fancy Oculus Quest and I can't play SIMPLE boardgames with friends.  Not a fan of much co-op REC ROOMstyle games. I just want to sit, chat and play boardgames.  The poker app gets it.  But i'm not that into poker.  boring.

Naturally My mac can't do Tabletop Simulator because steam doesnt support mac, so Ive wasted a day researching that, thanks very much.  Ridiculous all these work arounds, and I would have to buy a PC just so i can play Checkers. :l    Can you developers realize how ridiculous that is? How far people are willing to go to do simple things you are prohibiting? Just offer a simple board game App!!!!!! Charge a bunch for it! Give it a little variety!!! it's not reinventing the wheel. Oy, so upset. after all this research to come up empty handed. Ridiculous.  not everything needs to be bigger and better.  Look at the simple things. You are missing out on a lot of revenue and what the consumers really want.

Kind of makes me regret owning this thing.  Hoping Demeo is fun. But sad there is only ONE game to choose from.  Like a lot of people, my friends are more interesting than any content. These companies need to wise up and realize we are here to hang out with each other. And it doesn't have to be ridiculous Rec Room apps. Just give us SIMPLE BOARDGAMES PLEASE!!! We want to sit and talk to our friends. But we need little games to make it an occasion. Not full-on paintball ridiculousness. Why can't you see that?


Level 2

 I will add as insult to injury that my boardgame friends hate Catan. So... While that's a step in the right direction... doesn't help me.  😞

Level 9

Well, if you can get it working (it isn't for me) then Oculus Link or Air Link could let you and your friends launch Tabletop Simulator via Steam VR. It's not perfect, but it is an option. I've even used it for running a Pathfinder session.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

But why? It is a good board game 🙂

Level 8


You could try to search for board games in VRchat. It is not for chat only, but also supports simple games.

If there are not particular game type you could ask their community to create one.

Also, there are private rooms in VRchat so you will be with your friends only.


As a replacement you could use drawing instruments in VRchat or BigScreen to create simple board games. That is not like you want but at least some way to do it.


ps. there are some web sites that allow you to play board games with your friends and you could open that web site in BigScreen with your friends in the same private VR room and Big desktop screen (even put it horizontally as a a table).

Level 3

I'm with you on the boardgames, I think that this would be tremendous fun (Monopoly, Sorry!, Payday, Axis & Allies, etc).


I also wish that they had more card game apps (thinking Euchre, Spades, Crib.....)


I think it is great that there is Poker and Blackjack, just wish there were more




Level 8

Was it adv to new game with board games for quest?