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Basic Oculus Quest 2 Setup Questions

Level 2

Hello, I received the Oculus Quest 2 for Xmas and I have some very basic questions that I can't seem to figure out the answers to:


- When I took that Oculus out of the box and turned it on, I did have audio, which was a rumbling, static noise. After going through the setup process (which required logging in through a Facebook account on my Android phone) and also upgrading the firmware, I now don't get any kind of audio (not sure if this is related to the upgrade, or is related to my next questions). I have checked the volume button and it is turned to the maximum on the headset. Also, when I power cycle the headset, I don't get any type of bootup up sound either. Any idea of the possible issue?
- Next, after completing the setup process and installing some apps on the headset, do I need any type of pairing or connection between my Android phone and the Oculus headset, e.g. bluetooth, etc? Do I need to be logged into Facebook when using the headset?
- Does the headset support headphones of any sort, e.g. bluetooth, or 2.5mm / 3.5mm headphone jack?
- Lastly, I have seen mentions of a PC connection or a Windows PC. What if anything, is a Windows PC used for, or needed with the headset? During the installation process, there was no mention of needing Windows or how it fits into the equation.


Thanks in advance!


I can't think what might be the problem with your audio. My headset occasionally loses audio but a reboot fixes it. Do you have anything plugged into the 2.5mm headphone socket beside the USB-C socket. That 2.5mm socket supports headphones, incidentally. I wouldn't recommend Bluetooth headphones as the audio delay would be distracting.

Your phone is only neccessary for the setup process. You do need a Facebook account but, once connected, it logs itself in. You can request that your headset be unlinked from your Facebook account.

The PC connection is optional. If you have a suitably powerful Windows gaming PC, you can use your Quest to play PCVR games, either wirelessly or via a USB cable. The Quest will still play native games without a PC though.

Level 2

Thank you for the quick reply.... I appreciate in the info regarding Windows as well as the Facebook login.  


In terms of the audio, I tried rebooting the headset (again) and also tried inserting the headphone jack and the rumbling audio did come back (I hear it both in the headset, as well as the built in speaker).  We are going to submit an RMA for this unit and hopefully the new one will work as expected.