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Beat Saber suddenly not registering some hits

Level 3
I got the Quest 2 for Xmas and have been enjoying it, and have been playing Beat Saber nearly every day. Its been working great until the last couple of days, where I now experience somewhere between 2-5% of my hits, which are clearly clean and go through the blocks, register as misses (including no tactile feedback). It looks like the Beat Saber app has not been updated recently, so this seems like a platform or hardware issue. My controller batteries are at around 50% charge. Has anyone else been experiencing a similar problem? I mostly play multiplayer so this is really frustrating.

Level 12
What i have found is if wander from the home position too much, it affects tracking.

What i mean is when you recenenter the hmd you will see 2 foot prints on the floor as "home" position this is at the song select screen.

That said, other things thing can throw off tracking:

Clean the camera lenses with a microfiber cloth
Ensure you do not have excess daylight in the room
Light the area more uniformly
Also battery life is hard to gage off of AA bateries, as some the resistance doesn't take a hit until they are actually depleted.  So 50% may actually be 20% i tend to go by rating hours.

Level 3
Thanks, I'll reset the guardian and make sure I am centered, plus change the batteries, and see if the problem persists.

Level 2
Also!!! As Pittcanna wrote..  -Don't forget to vipe of the cameras...
A smudgy lens affects the precision a lot more than one can imagine. Especialy if the playarea is not lit proper..

The solutions is in the little things