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Beat Saber with Billie Eilish music pack

Level 3

I am new to Oculus 2 and just bought Beat Saber with Billie Eilish music pack (via Oculus store) but none or her songs are included in my game, it tells me that I need to buy them now. I thought that I'm buying the basic game + her music pack in one. Am I right? How does it work?


Level 2

I am having the same issue.  Purchased the beat saber x billie Ellis pack from the oculus store but no billie.  

You are not alone. Seems a common complaint, but no recourse except to return it. 



I am having the same problem.  Can you please help me? I purchased Beat Saber x Billie Eilish package expecting the songs as well, but it says I have to purchase the package again.  

Hi There,


There is no issue, Billie's name was used for promotional purposes only, the game does not include her music pack and it needs to be purchased separately.





I'm having this exact same issue. 

Yeah really bad, I think someone from beat saber should step up and admit they’ve been deceptive to many people…

Absolutely. They should change the screen to say something like add-on available or something. I guess your options are to buy the add-on or return the game. I like the game so I'm going to just bite the bullet but I feel cheated. 

Level 3

I also assumed the Billie Eilish pack was INCLUDED in the Beat Saber game because it was VERY clearly implied by the web page... but yea that's not the case, very misleading. I think like most of us I got over it but it does leave a bad taste... poor marketing and it very nearly had me return what is a great game.

I've bought beat saber, and ladygaga's bundle, but Oculus keeps showing 0b/0b

Level 3

Make sure your Oculus has a good connection to the Internet... it has to download the pack.