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Best way to use Google Maps / Earth in 3D mode on a Quest

Level 3

Hi all,


I work in construction and often mind myself assessing potential projects from the air in google maps 3D satellite view, this is quite detailed for London allowing me to pan around buildings and often get useful screen grabs for presentations.


I would love to immerse myself in this view on the Quest but I've found that viewing from the Oculus browser lots of the map controls disappear. Viewing from VSpatial Chrome browser the controls are hard to access, From the Wander app there is no 3D mode.


Has anyone else find a good solution to this or have another app or website to suggest? I've been using VR Sketch and like how you can grab with both controllers to scale and angle the view, would love to be able to do this satellite maps.




Level 3

you can get street view using WANDER, and it does have a mini map to let you zoom in from above but not as clear as downloaded PC Google earth.