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Blender hand rig to Unity Oculus?

Level 3
I have seen people asking about blender using oculus hands or just a recreation of its rig for custom hands. Not much on it being done, other than some sarcastic remarks that doesn't really help future devs. I have recreated the rig in blender along with the mesh provided by oculus. Looks great in blender and in unity, but the animations are not working.
Let me explain. The armature and mesh are all there. At the right scale and rotation. However when I give it the oculus animation controller, nothing. I have set the rig to " Generic ".  Avatar  " Create from this Model " and assigned r hand skele lowres animation controller.
It is almost like it is a bone/armature problem.

 Could someone clarify the correct way to import a blender hand rig and us the oculus animations??

Here is the blend file.

Thank you!