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Blown out right speaker Brand new oculus quest so sad

Level 2
i got my quest today i was very happy to start playing but found out right speaker has problem and wierd noise coming out

Level 4
Watching Netflix last night I noticed the right ear crackling too. I thought it was just bad streaming connection or something. I'll have to try other apps this evening and see if I hear the same thing.

Level 2
I also have experienced a blown right speaker. Restarting the quest corrected it, hopefully permanently

Level 16

TomCgcmfc said:

Another couple of one post wonders.  Maybe or maybe not true, lol!

Don't be a d*** Tom. Happened to me as well mate. I understand your caution but it's not fair to discredit new users. Right speaker distorted/crackling. Restarting the Quest seems to fix this. If it gets worse then I hope Oculus are aware of the problem. I think it's possibly software related and can be fixed.

I think you're being a tad bid harsh here. Especially since you have your own moments where you are quick to dismiss other people as well. Tom is referring to "one post wonders" which do tend to plague this forum often.

He's not being a "dick" any more than you are when you have called out Dev's for rating their own games, or called out YouTubers for marketing their VR channels here. Don't be a hypocrite.

Level 2
Having this same issue. Reboot usually clears it up for a bit but it does reoccur eventually.

Level 16
@Zenbane. Yes sir! Apologies Tom for my language. 

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Level 3
Same issue... returned to BestBuy and got another, but had to cough up the 128 price. I have two of them and this was my sons... no problems on the new one.

Level 4
Well, I‘m glad to read that I‘m not the only one. Audio crackle on the right side. With or without headphones. I‘ll try the reboot but makes me wonder how something like this happens in the first place?!
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Level 7
It happened to me too. When I plugged in headphones it seemed to fix it. Then I unplugged headphones and it was still OK, so I never had to reboot.
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Level 2
Same here with me. Noticed during Vader. Then after scrolling through the home screen options. Like a blown speaker. Restarted and  worked. 

Level 3
Same. Oculus team, we have to return/replace the device o wait a software update?