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Bluetooth Mouse paired but not working.

Level 2

Hi All,


I just purchased a Logitech MX Master 3 after following what some other people out there have successfully used with their Quest 2.


I can pair the bluetooth mouse OK, however it doesn't do anything, no cursor, nothing.


I have also tried pairing a Microsoft bluetooth precision mouse and had the same problem.


I have paired a K830 keyboard/trackpad combo before and have been able to use the trackpad fine in the Quest browser, but it is quite clunky to use effectively.


I have tried removing all other paired bluetooth devices from the Quest and have only the mouse paired, but still no luck.


I also noticed that when looking at the keyboard settings in the bluetooth pairing menu that there is a toggle switch for "input device". There is no such toggle option in the Mouse settings.


Lastly, I also tried factory resetting the Quest 2, but still no luck.


Anyone else had this issue?


Level 2

I have had the same issue with the MX Master 2s. After the headset restarted the mouse doesn't connect to the headset anymore and needs to be repaired as well as not doing anything when paired like the main post

Level 2


- remove all BT devices

- reset experimental features

- retry pairing



Clear cache and data on oculus app on your mobile device