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Blurred Since v37? Report Bug on Headset

Level 4


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Thsnks for letting us know. Great community work guys. Maybe pass on a suggestion to be able to roll back FW upgrades. Even if this means no online multiplayer unless up to date. I rather miss out on online play for a while as long as my device works. Just an idea.

Level 4

Hey guys, I discovered something strange regarding this issue, if any of you could try something very simple real quick for me and let me know what happens, I'd really appreciate it!!


Step 1: Turn on the headset and put it on as you normally would

Step 2: Look straight forwards, do not tilt your head upwards or downwards at any point

Step 3: Tilt the headset upwards so it's not touching your cheeks or lower face at all, all pressure should be on your forehead and you'll have to look upwards (with your eyes, don't move your head) to see through the lenses

Step 4: Let me know if the image gets clearer or blurrier


Obviously the device isn't playable when worn like this, but I've found if I follow these steps the headset becomes completely clear, as it was previously. Again, I want to make it very clear the headset IS NOT PLAYABLE when worn like this, a fix is still desperately needed!!!

Became clearer. It seems that the position of the sweet spot has changed three dimensionally. Simply moving the headset up / down / left / right will not fix it, but tilting it will fix it. Hmmm...

Level 3

Happening to me too, I will report the bug.

Noticed it the moment my headset updated to v37, all text is blurrier and there is a visible chromatic haze around the edges of everything in the UI. There is a long thread about it on the OculusQuest subreddit too. guys KNEW about this and ignored it!


This is now beyond a joke.


To help a little I found out, that if I adjust my IPD down a tiny bit from max and adjust my distance to the lens (further away-loss of FOV) the aberration seems to diminish. Clearly something was done to the lenses with the last update. Just reverse all of that back to v35 values!

please let us know when before the update i dont get motion sick on any game virtual chats etc but since V.37 im really close to being sick now its a good thing i play my VR headset near a toilet 

i did the V.37  update from settings about check updates once it was finished i got a black screen but i read you can hold power button down for 10 seconds and it will reboot device but the update does look like someone smered vasoline onto your eyes it aint pretty and think about the people who get motion sickness its worse for them now 

Same, chromatic aberration increased with v37 happens with and without using PCVR.

Level 2

Having the same issue. I was wondering why everything seemed out of focus for the past couple days

Level 4

It cannot be said that this has been ignored. I was the first to report a blur problem on the PTC v37 forum 2 weeks ago. Some were seeing it and not others. There was a small update last Saturday that improved things without going back to the sharpness of v35. There is less chromatic aberration but there is still some blur. I think Oculus is working on it but it's a pity that they released the official version without having completely fixed the problem.