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Blurry, Fuzzy, Low Resolution in the Left Eye of my Quest 2

Level 2
This sadly did not come to my attention sooner because I am legally blind in my right eye and was told for the longest time that the low-resolution and fuzziness of the Oculus Quest 2 was just because it wasn't fully supported on PC yet. As it turns out, objects in my right eye are sharper and higher resolution then in the left eye. My right eye can only see objects when they're super close to it, but I can see that despite the blindness in my eye, the resolution is far higher in the right eye of my Quest 2 than the left. I've tried moving around the IPD and making sure my oculus is updated, but even outside of Oculus Link inside the home menu, it still is fuzzier and lower-res in the left eye. Yes, I have tried cleaning the lens like crazy and that does not do anything. Increasing the resolution on the PC does not make a difference either. The left eye just persists on being fuzzier and lower-res then the right eye. If anyone knows what the problem is and has a solution to fix it, that would make me so happy. I would love to be able to look at books and writing in Phasmophobia without it being so blurry that I can barely read it.