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Level 3

I just received my Oculus Quest 2 and cannot believe that things are not crisp and clear. I would have thought that everything would be crisp. Some fast game play you don't notice to much but it is not as I envision nor as enjoyable. I do wear reading glasses but even using these has not helped the issue. Very disappointed. 


Level 3

Have you ever thought about cleaning your lens?
Try cleaning the lens with a microfiber cloth as when playing fast games the lenses fog up faster.

Thanks for the info, tried that too. It helped some but still not crisp. This is not "God Rays" as some talk about, just things slightly out of focus. Again, thanks!

Level 2

I've replaced mine twice and still yet to get  a good one. I think bad stock is being sent to Australia on purpose due to the little trade war. Here's a video of what I'd call amazing looking through the lens. It's what I want mine to be. On mine the displayed game next to the focused game is blurry and the side bar STORE and below is unreadable.


Out of my entire screen space only 15% is clear. At worst I'd want to be able to read subtitles in movies.


I've had mine for 12 days and had 9 days of eye strain and only used the thing for about 1-2 hours. I have 20/15 vision. The thing is just so fuzzy blurry like the game is in a heat wave.


It sucks cause the one game of ping pong I played was 9.8/10, it's a really fun thing.

I have seen a lot of tweaks and hacks that you can do but really, why send a product out that is not 100% to start with. Again, very disappointing for a first time VR user. I don't have anyone that has perfect vision that can verify that it is not me. Just want something to work right out of the box or put a disclaimer that this is good as it gets. Videos of VR play do not show any of these problems. They are crystal clear.... 

You mean like this?

The video has to be through the lens other it won't show anything.


I don't think this is related to trade wars. I live in US and my headset was extremely blurry with a super tiny sweet spot. I spent hours troubleshooting based on all the info on the forums/YouTube/Oculus Customer Support etc. Nothing really helped. The return process was painful. It took me 11+ days to get a UPS return label (including 4 follow-ups). I love the product and what it can achieve. I would love to have a pair that is mostly clear (understanding this is not a high-end VR headset) but scared to go through the process again to find a good pair. I may give it another try this summer purchasing from a reseller like Best Buy etc. 

For me the return process was good at amazon. I said I want a exchange. The next day I had two quest 2's at my house with free shipping return slip. Then I waited for them to get mine back and do it again. I wonder what the limit on returns are, I'm not accepting this trash as I can't use it due to the huge eye strain it gives.


I no joke bought a $4 google cardboard from ebay to check what it's like and it had better text readability than my quest 2. It also didn't give me bad eye strain or burning eyes like the quest 2 albeit it did make my eyes feel like I was wearing someone else corrective glasses. I'm currently trying to buy a psvr for cheap to test that out.


I've also bought some uvex 98% blue light uv blocking glasses with 45% light transmittance and another one with 93% blocking and 15% light transmittance so very dark. Just seeing if they help my eyes.



Level 3

Definitely learned my lesson. I will just buy from Amazon or BestBuy next time. I thought I was supporting them by buying directly from their website. I don't have patience to deal with that kind of customer service 🙂