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Bought 2 headsets, do we need to buy games twice?

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Hi all,


I’m new to VR and bought two oculus quest 2 headsets (one each for my wife and I). If we want to play the same games together, do I need to buy the same game twice, one for each headset?  I read online that there may be a way to log into the same account onto both headsets, and play the same game together such as table tennis (Eleven Table Tennis VR), but am hoping someone on this forum can help confirm or deny if this is possible?  Am hoping that we don’t need to buy the same games for each of us. If we do need to do so, that’d be a disappointment and I’ll likely return the 2nd headset. 

I haven’t opened up the 2nd headset yet, due to Best Buy’s return policy (can only accept returns on VR headsets if they are not opened).

thanks for your time. 


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I have 2 headsets and I put family share on the headset and log into a secondary account and log into the other with my account so we can play 2 player games and it has worked fine so far that way... beat saber add one do NOT currently share as they should just fyi before purchasing to share if you decide to

Yes using the same account on 2 devices. I just added my wife’s account as a secondary account on my 1st device, and also enabled App Sharing on that headset as well. She just logged into her account on that 1st headset device and was able to access all the same games that I have on my account. I used the 2nd headset logged in using my primary account. 

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thanks for the info

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I just bought a second Oculus 2 device. I tried to share but had some issues. The newest device with the new account states the game is shared but is still forcing me to buy it. I missed out on the game sales because I don't want to have a game that cannot be shared. I will have to do more research before I start buying new games again.  

Mine now works, I am not sure what happened but if you go into the store you will be forced to buy it , you must go into your app library to see that it is shared and option to just install.

good to know, thanks

there is also an invite link to the game, any idea what that is? does it invite a friend to play the specific game or makes them buy it before they can play me? In the meantime i will try the share, thanks

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Just as an update, my wife and I found that we could play the following games together on our separate headsets, with my primary account having purchased these games, and enabling App Sharing on one headset so that my wife could log into her own separate account on that same headset. 
The games are: 

* Beat Saber

* Walkabout Mini Golf

* ForeVR Bowling


We haven’t bought any other games yet, but can update this forum further once we do. We did find quite a comprehensive listing of games that can be shared through the Cas And Chary website and YouTube channel, that anyone interested, can easily Google search. 

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Does anyone have a list of games that will allow only one purchase and 2 headsets in same family?