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Brand new Quest 2 graphics issue

Level 2


I would like to preface this post by saying I am new to VR and fairly inexperienced with tech and computers in general.

I purchased a new Quest 2 yesterday and upon set up, found everything to run smoothly, with clear and smooth visuals.

I then left the headset to charge fully after seeing a low battery prompt.

After a few hours playing Creed: Rise to Glory with no issues to test the headset, I turned it off and put it back on charge once I saw the low battery prompt.


However, upon turning the Quest 2 back on I noticed a prominent wavy effect on almost everything in view. Image quality and resolution are not effected; it is not so much blur, but it is as if everything in view is vibrating or has a pixelated wavy effect, including apps, games and the guardian grid. It looks almost like viewing things through a heat haze. This causes static objects tomove slightly and distant objects to distort.


Are there any members who could offer insight and potentially a fix for this issue as it is prominent enough to distract from gameplay and everyday use.