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Can't access any headset settings in Oculus App

Level 2

After I recently factory reset my Oculus Quest 2, I can't access any headset settings whatsoever on the Oculus app. I factory resetted it using the headset in recovery mode, since it was stuck on the Oculus logo during bootup. I was able to set it up using the Oculus app, but for the past few weeks, I haven't been able to access headset settings from the app, bc nothing shows up under "headset settings". The only thing I can see under the Device tab of the app is battery settings. 


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi, we understand how frustrating this must be and how you want to get this resolved quickly.


Let’s get you pointed in the right direction by following these steps:


  • Please try to uninstall and reinstall your Oculus app 


if you're still having issues, please submit a support ticket here (Oculus Support). 🔍