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Can't change installation path

Level 2

I tried changing the installation path from, cause my SSD didn't have enough storage. I followed every step from the instruction, but the app didn't start like it should have.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there ericbueter! Let's look into this further so we can get the app installed properly. Please send us a PM or click HERE to contact us by email or chat. Thanks!

Already tried. The solution i got was to delete stuff from my SSD.


Level 5

Make sure that you follow this path exactly.  Try both Drive= and Drive:.  One worked for me and the other didn't.  Can't remember exactly which one worked.

That's exactly what i did. I tried Drive= and Drive: - neither worked. I tried without drive and it at least tried to start the app, although it didn't succeed.


Level 5

Where did you save the installation file to?