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Can/t reach Service

Level 2

Everyone is making a good point. Im dealing with same issue. However with both Win 11 and Win 7. I do want to say this, one time after trying the update, I clicked on the app to try again and for some reason it took me to the Oculus website but right away it ask me " If i wanted to open the app in the websight or on the desktop app. Never saw or have not seen again sence. I click on "open the desktop app that we are all having an issue with and it opened it right away. Cool, however closed it and tryied the app and web sight again but nothing, same issue over and over. Wanted all to know this and hope Oculus see this also ... Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We understand you're having a hard time launching the PC app. We wanted to inform you that at this time, only Windows 10 is supported with our software. If you find you're having the same issue on Windows 10, please let us know.