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Can't see my quest 2 library in oculus link?

Level 2

I got my quest 2 for my birthday last year, and for the longest time I wanted a link cable to play pcvr, cause I finally got a gaming pc. I got my cable today, and I saw a video a few days ago where, when you connect your quest to the pcvr, you can buy the PC versions of all games for free (which makes sense SINCE YOU BOUGHT THEM). I open up oculus link and I don't see this. On my quest 2, I have beat saber. Played it a lot. I wanted to try it on pc. I go on, and it says "29.99". Like I never bought it? And not just with this game, with every game. Does oculus want you to buy your games twice, or is there something I can do to fix this? I really just want to try out link. Please help.


Level 12

really depends on the game some games are not supported by the crossbuy which is really developer dependent.  

check the link below for those supported by cross buy.


beat saber is not supported and most likely will not be.