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Can two secondary accounts play against each other?

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So we bought 2 head sets for Christmas for a family of 4.  Today I set up each device with all 4 accounts.  Only ONE of the headsets has enabled app sharing as per Occulus rules.

My account is the primary.  My husband and my son are secondary and want to play Fishing VR together.  My husband sees it on his apps but my son does not show it in his account on the other device and has to login as the primary in order to play. Are we doing something wrong? 

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Based on what this video states, if the primary account has purchased the game, then the way to share is to have the primary account holder sign in on the secondary headset and the secondary account holder sign in on the primary headset.  That is assuming that the game is one that can be shared. Information is at about the 5:30 minute mark.

Level 2
Ahhh thank you!  I had watched the video but that flew over my head - the way you explained it made it make sense so than you!

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Ok wait a sec - I am thinking this over now again and still am not sure how two secondary accounts can play against each other?? lol.  Does one of them have to forgo signing into their own accounts and have to be the primary instead?
Your example above still has a primary as an active player. I am wondering about two secondary - as in my two kids for example. 

It sounds like one of the accounts has to be the primary.

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In order to play in a household with two headsets, here is what you will need to do. On the headset that is doing app sharing, log in as a secondary account. On the other headset log in as the main account. It is a little counter intuitive, but the only way to have two people play on the same game is for the main account to be logged in on the headset that doesn't have sharing enabled. Having said that, there are still a lot of games that are not available through app sharing. I don't have Fishing VR, so I can't tell you if it is allowing it yet or not. But the set-up I described should work for two headsets. I can play my Quest 1 on the same main account as my Quest 2, but my Quest 2 has to be on the secondary account for it to work.

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Volunteer Moderator

Eventually two secondary accounts should be able to play together, but for now you can only turn multi-user for one headset per primary account, so there can only be one active secondary at a time (who can play with another user on the primary account).

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