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Can we have a complete dark black virtual environment instead?

Level 2

I posted this yesterday on reddit and it gained quite a bit of interest,


I hope oculus makes in the future a complete dark black virtual environment. I know it sounds stupid to some but the background process of any existing Virtual environment is taxing the hardware in the background. I want to squeeze as much battery and processing power as possible so eliminating it will help on loading time (restarts, menu, guardian...) Hopefully oculus will implement this on their next update. 


Level 11

the bubbles is the closest thing in the quest 2 home.  but really the virtual environments play little into the grand scheme of it all.

Level 8

You are already able to replace the homes in your Quest with alternatives. This article describes how to install custom homes from this Discord channel that has lots of very cool ones.


Be aware that v25 caused some people to have a lockup and I'm not sure it is resolved yet, but I used to have a bunch of different ones installed. If you subscribe to the Discord, you can follow the updates until they have it working again.


Luckily for me, I was able to find the .apk files and delete them from my Quest so that I could reinstall the standard ones, so be careful if you don't know your way around the Quest file system. 


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