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Cannot buy a game using credits

Level 2



I am trying to buy a game using a current discount and my credits. The store recognize the discount and say I have to pay 0€. 

But after I send my pin code I have an error and i cannot purchase the game. (see photos)

I am guessing that it is not possible to combine a promo code + credits, however it seems impossible to not use credits


(I tried to change my payment method, using Credit Card or Paypal but nothing works)


Does anyone have an idea? 😕 



Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey, you're correct that discounts and Store Credit cannot be used together so that's why you're seeing that error screen. You should be able to choose not to use credits or the discount, however if these options are not being presented to you can you please click here to submit a ticket and include these screengrabs? Thanks.