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Cannot find Unknown sources tab in Quest after firmware update

Level 3

The new firmware update changed the UI of the Quest and one of the changes seems to have been done on the Unknown Sources tab. Previously, we used that tab for sideloaded apps, but it is not available anymore. Any suggestions or fixes for this ?


Level 10
I have the latest update and can confirm the unknown sources tab is still in the exact same place as before updating. Are you sure you haven’t disabled the developer mode on the Oculus app (or perhaps disabled itself during the update)? 

Level 2
I have the latest Update and can confirm the tab is there, but empty. And space is still occupied, i have less than 500mb free and can Update shit... thx oculus for making my sideload apps vanish, what can i do without PC?  What if someone only got sideloaded apps and filled the quest with those? why u let this screw up big time?

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I had to update/reinstall my apps in SideQuest for them to show up after the update. 

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Level 3

Good Day

I have Oculus Quest 2 with update v26 . I just installed Sidequest following the instructions on their site.   I uploaded a game successfully. However I cannot find it in the Quest 2 headset. The only "unknown sources" I found was under storage and it showed the game and size . It cannot be launched from there.