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Cant replace old email and cant reset pin

Level 2

I have a very old hotmail email associated with my Facebook account and I've been to lazy to change it. We'll now I've forgotten my pin and can't reset it because I no longer have access to the old hotmail account. I switched my primary email with Facebook to the new email but it didn't chance the email associated with occulus. I'm essentially locked out of buying any new games. I've called Microsoft, because they own hotmail now, but it's an automated message that refers me back to the FAQ on their website. What can I do?


Have you merged your Oculus and Facebook accounts? If you haven't yet you will soon but you'll still need access to your Oculus account for that. I suspect you'll have to open a ticket and find some way to prove you are who you say you are. Expect a bit of a fight though - Oculus won't simply take your word for it, otherwise it would be easy to steal a headset and reregister it.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi there, thanks for reaching out about this. We understand how frustrating this is. We'd love to help you figure this out so that you can get back to enjoying new games. Follow the steps below and if you still have trouble with this please submit a support ticket here

  • To change your Email Address, go to your profile and select the word Edit; this is located beside Email Address. Once selected you will see two empty text boxes. The Email box is where you will enter the desired email address.
  • Before you can save your email change, you will need to enter your current Oculus password into the Oculus Password text box. The Save button will then change from grey to black, and you can save your changes.
  • Once entered, you will be prompted into a 2-fac authentication flow where you’ll need to enter the code that’s emailed to you, correctly, to submit the update. You can stop the change, at any time, by selecting the Cancel option that replaced Edit.
  • After the code is entered an email with an activation link will be sent to your new email addresses entered. You will need to confirm the change by clicking the link.

Let us know how this goes for you.