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Casting Oculus Quest to ChromeCast

Level 2
Hi Everyone.

Loving my Quest at the moment. not loving the casting feature

I've got it working on my Chromecast V3. thats not the issue. the issue is the 1-3 second delay between movement and what gets shown on screen. 

Im on a new 5Ghz wifi network on both my Android phone and quest ( bought the router specially for this purpose) and the router is about 3 meters away from us both. 

both of the Quest and phone have a full charge and say that the signal strength is excellent.

I know the Casting feature is still in beta but I thought id come here to see:

1. is the 1-3 second delay the same for everyone else?

2. is there any reason why i cant get "high" quality selection in the oculus app? the video quality is ok but ive heard people talk of high. giving me the thought that my head set/phone/connection isnt talking to each other right and giving me a slow/delayed video feed. 

Thanks in advance 

Level 2
I've tried it with a Chromecast 3 and an ultra on seven different TVs in four different houses and it only works on one TV at one friend's house. With the same internet provider in the same exact model number router and modem combo. Every other device can see the Chromecast 3 and the Ultra except for my Oculus Quest. My phone can see those devices just fine and stream to it except when I'm inside the Oculus app. We've tried two different headsets and we get the same results

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I was casting from the Quest to my TV using a chromecast ultra and all the sudden it quit working.  I've tried resetting everything multiple times and no go.  The Oculus headset is not detecting the Chromecast Ultra. 

Level 8

tjpratt said:

Chromecast Ultra works fine as intended but cannot get the headset to see the chromecast.....what am I doing wrong? 21 years as IT consultant....cant be that hard LOL

I'm going to assume your not very good at your job then.

@dj_phreak In order for chromecast to work correctly you need to download the HOME app from the google playstore
and when ever you plug the chromecast into a new TV you need to open the app on your phone and set it up again.

Level 4
I cast to my Nvidia Shield 2019 4K with only about 1/2 second delay.

Level 2
Same here. On Chrome cast 5g I get about 2 seconds delay. Messes with my head. 

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but when you use ethernet on chromecast, there's another problem, do you know why?