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Casting not Working

Level 2

I have a Note 20 Ultra 5G, I tried casting my Oculus through the app and from the device it self to spected from my phone and all I get is a black screen. I have reset the system and my phone. Nothing works, I've even uninstalled the app and installed it back again!! Is there a way that I can fix that? I've even used different wifi signals to see if they were the issue. 


Level 3

Hi, Quest 2 and your phone should be on same Wi-Fi.


Put headset on / or put finger on the sensor to wake up Quest 2 from sleep. Then "while Quest 2 is active", go to your phone app and click [Casting -> Device] and should work fine.

I have tried but whenever it cast it just shows a black screen.  It only cast normaly on a pc but not the phone. 

Level 2

Same here. It will cast to my pc just fine, but its a black screen on my phone. I do get sound though so i know its connected