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Casting to pc not working on Quest 2.

Level 2
Every time I try to cast to pc I am greeted with "Something went wrong, try casting again", and none of the solutions for similar problems I've found worked. The wifi I have has a standard and an "X_5G" option which using either connection doesn't work, but I think it might be the most likely problem.

Level 7
Yeah it just doesn't work. I've asked about this and was told to use something else by their support.

Level 2
Same issue with mine. I'm on the same WIFI as my android phone. It makes the initial connecting and tries to connect but I just get that same error message.

I get the same issue when trying to cast to the PC also. It starts to connect. I get the spinning wait prompt then it fails. I've tried edge and chrome same issue. I've also tried turning off the windows firewall. No difference.

Appreciate any help

Level 2

Same here...