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Cloud Storage Restore

Level 2

I recently had to factory reset my headset and I found out that that meant deleting all save data for games. Or at least I though it did until I had played to a decent chunk of Superhot and when I opened the game again I was prompted with a screen saying that the cloud save doesn't match up with the headset save and it gave me the option to restore from the cloud. I have tried this on some other games to no avail. Is there a way to make this happen manually instead of on accident?


Level 8

Oculus has implemented a system for cloud saving, however, it is up to the developer to actually implement it. So, the answer is to complain to the developer that you want cloud saves implemented, though I don't know how much good complaining does these days.

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Level 5

You can count on one hand how many games have cloud saves. 

there is a way to do manually. 

get sidequest on your computer. Put quest in developer mode. Create game backups with sidequest.