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Cloud backup - how to make it backup?!

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Got v35 , few days after got the cloud save feature added to settings. Go online to see the list of games it supports and what games I have backed up finally. … log in to oculus .. pull up my headset. .. I see list of what games support it and then next column is when the last time it was backed up was , next column again is the time/date when. I have no games backed up and no way to make it back them up I just have a list of what games it can back up and empty slots for information about my games, no backups. I really want to back up some games so I can finally purchase some others. I got the 64g and oculus excuse me meta took away pretty much the whole value by making the 125g the same price. I am so tired of the updates deleting my games and loosing progress I even make sure to keep space for updates so they don’t chew up my files and make me loose everything. So ready for this cloud save…. How can I force it to save. Please oculus don’t u dare respond to this with how to turn on my cloud saving….. I’ll shoot myself if you do that…. Just don’t send me an auto response. If u don’t do that… I’ll actually feel like u care and are listening lol 😂 


Accepted Solutions

Got my device to cloud save! The issue is you have to plug into the headset when charging you cannot charge from the elite battery strap u have to plug charging cable directly into the headset port! I have all my cloud save games backed up!! Worked last night!!!!!!!!!! So stoked found solution!!!!

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It will probably work after it passes PTC Testing version, it is most likely they are working on it to relese to general public in upcoming updates.

So just have patience.

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SAME!! By the current logic, it will only back when the headset is connected to WIFI, charging and idle. But I turn my headset off everytime after i use it since i don't use it everyday. PLEASE OCULUS/META ALL IT TAKE ITS JUST ONE BACKUP BUTTON, LIKE SYSTEM UPDATE. THE FEATURE WOULD BE FLAWLESS.

Accepted as solution, but even more proof this company is full of holes. So they release a feature that’s not really released … lol so if it’s not there … why release it… lol what do they do before releasing … don’t they work on it and make it work. Lol then put it in an update. Then the feature is available …. And then they keep updating the bugs….. just confused when a company exercises false advertising. No feature was released. Also why not put that in the details lol instead of telling me how to do it… but it does not work… lol is not “activated” … I swear this Facebook oculus meta is all over the place and one of the worst companies and products I have had to interact with. I shorting the Stock soon as another stand alone system available in this market. I’m suuuure stock will drop when others have another option. This is just horrible communication, template, assistance. Like wow setting a new low. 

Thank you!!!!! Right!!!!!!! 
-insert action - tab-“sync data” 

     -connect- oculus file -auto action + “sync data” 


just wrote the code for them 😂 I mean can’t be hard…. Love how it was programmed to be done automatically once and so solutions from oculus for everything is just factory reset the headset and then it will do it… yeah cause u guys never program any other way…. Like for me to sync new phone they want me to erase whole headset and start over again and same with Mobil app lol so they have no way of adding a new phone to sync lol so why program it they can just tell people to erase everything and start over again .. uhhh horrible process for a tech company to standardize … like really….. erase it all and start over that’s always the default answer …. I’ll do that if u give me cloud save … but Jesus meta…..  I surprised how much they inhale profusely and managing data…. Lolol guess they only program how to send the data packets to government not for us to interact with our data lol only for them to take is focus I bet. Ughhh can’t wait to have a competitor so I can get as far away from this as possible lol 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

I had Cloud Backups appear in my headset Settings menu yesterday. Last night, a little after 9pm EST, my games all backed up--at least, the eligible games that had save data. Games that I've installed but haven't played on this headset didn't do backups. I had my headset charging and in standby mode at the time.


From what I've read on Reddit, games should backup nightly. I'll see if the game I'm currently playing (MOH) makes a new backup tonight. It would be preferable if games did a backup immediately after use, like how the old cloud sync system worked, but at least if I know that backups happen every evening, I can account for that before uninstalling anything or doing a factory reset.

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Well day 3 and no backups, headset left in standby and charging on wifi always. 

I have the cloud feature also and can select it etc. but when I look at my oculus account online and check I have no games backed up, day 3 of waking up and checking. Still nothing. Can’t wait till I can back up then I can fix other issues. The only way oculus tells me to fix other issues I having is to do factory reset lol I swear I not throwing away all my data … esp since I just worked so hard to get it all back after update chews up my game files. I even make sure to keep over 15g open in my 64g headset but always get games scrambled when updates post. I so tired of loosing info and having the value of my headset destroyed with twice the memory for same price now because 64 was too small so then oculus fixes it and screws ppl. If I could save it would change a whole hell of a lot for me… all I have done with my headset is played games loose games play games loose games I’m so ready to just save my few games I have finally have them stay that way and can get some more 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Well, I guess it has to be plugged in. I left my Q2 in standby mode and connected to WiFi, not on charge but with a fairly full battery, and no new backup last night. 

i7 5820K @ 4.25GHz | RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 | Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 | Corsair DDR4 3000 32GB | Corsair HX 750W
SSDs: Intel 660p M.2 2TB, 3x Samsung Evo 1TB | Startech PCIe 4x USB 3.0 | Startech PCIe 2x USB C 3.1 gen2

I use my headset daily. It’s hanging on the wall In standby and plugged in to charger. Still no back ups, Check every morning…