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Compatibility of Oculus games on the Oculus 2 hardware platform?

Level 2
Hello, does anyone know if the Oculus 2 hardware platform will support Star Trek Bridge Crew?  Is there a list of compatible games from Oculus that will play on the Oculus 2, or is everything compatible, or nothing is compatible??  There seems no information about this anywhere.  Thanks.

Level 3
I'm guessing you mean Quest 2 since you posted in that forum. The Quest 2 should support all Quest 1 titles, and AFAIK Quest Link supports all Rift titles. The Quest Link store page mentions unlocking 100+ titles and when clicking on "Discover all titles" it takes you directly to the Rift page. It'll certainly be on my list of old games to try with the new headset. :smile:

Level 13
I believe they did say all Quest 1 apps and games will work on Quest 2.

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