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Computer advice

My teenage kids want these vr glasses. I need to buy a new computer. Is there any Gaming desktops I can buy for $1k? I want something I can upgrade as time goes on so I don’t need to buy another desktop. Thanks for the advice!


Level 13

They don't need a computer for vr headset, its standalone.  You can add a pc but really 1000 budget is kinda low, even if you upgrade at a later date the gpu/cpu/ram scalping won't save you much in the long run.  I would stretch the budget to 1500-2000 to atleast get an upgradeable enough board, and decent entry gpus. this would be as low as i would go if i was having a vr ready pc.

Level 15

Get the fastest gpu you can afford - maybe some RTX 3060 (Ti), but not sure how cheap those gpus are today...

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