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Controller Joystick

Level 2
The joystick on my left controller constantly "flicks down". As in while pressing the stick forward/up, even simply resting my thumb on it, it gets a sporadic "down" input. It just started last week when I started playing skyrim and was wondering why my forward movement would stutter/stop for a split second every few feet. I thought maybe the game was bugging but i noticed even when on my home screen simply resting my thumb on the stick causes it to scroll down. Also my virtual thumb while on the home screen can be seen flicking downward very quickly when pressing any direction so I'm positive its the controller acting up. I've had my quest for about a year but only play maybe once a week tops so it hasn't had heavy use. is there a possible fix or am i going to need to replace? pretty disappointed to have a controller fail from light use and was well taken care of (I'm the only user and I have rubber guards on them). 

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i have similar controller joystick problems. i spray electronic component cleaner around the thumbstick and it helps but only helps temporarily after a while.  make sure the spray says safe for sensitive electronics in plastics and take the batteries out of colors when you use it .and i'm just telling you that i've done this and it helps,but do it at your own risk period i think oculus needs to give us a 're calibrate or recenter thumbstick' in the options because my thumb sticks don't feel stuck or wore out at all. but my virtual thumb in the menu can be seen pushing them when i am not pushing them. i don't know why the cleaner spray even helps because it seriously seems like a calibration issue.