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Controllers Not Working

Level 2

I haven’t touched my Oculus in a while and recently decided to hop on with a friend, come to find out that neither of my controllers are paired, much less turning on. I’ve tried replacing the batteries, soft resetting the headset, as well as trying to un pair and repair the controllers on the mobile app, but none of these methods seem to be working. Is there any other option available? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We appreciate you so much for providing us with the steps you've taken. It definitely helps us figure out the next steps to take. If you could please go ahead and try performing a factory reset and then repairing the controllers. If even after the factory reset you're still running into these issues, please head on over to our support site to submit a support ticket. When submitting a support ticket, please include all details regarding your issue. Thanks! We hope that you find this information helpful.