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Controllers not pairing

Level 2

I’ve had my Quest 2 for almost a year now. I don’t have a huge space to play in so I will admit i have hit my controllers decently hard two or three times. The last time that happened was over 4 months ago. The other day i went to play a game on my Q2 and noticed my right controller wasn’t showing up. I figured it was batteries so i went to change it. came back out the new battery in and nothing happened. i searched through the forums to see what i could do and i was told to re pair my controllers form the app. after i pairing my right controller, it will no longer connect. i tried the same thing with my left controller and now the left one won’t connect. i’ve opened a few support tickets and they all led me to no solution what so ever. any one in the community know how this can be solved? tired of opening support tickets. 


If you are still within warranty you should request an RMA. Stating on a public forum that you have hit the controllers hard isn't the best way to help that process along but as long as they aren't physically damaged, Oculus should be obliged to replace them.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there WhatsGassin, thanks for letting us know about this!  Here's some things you can try to alleviate the issue -

- Make sure the batteries new
- Remove the batteries and reinsert them after waiting a few moments
- Press the A button and the menu button, holding them until the indicator on your touch controller comes on.
- Attempt a Factory Reset

If these steps fail, please consider reaching out to us in a private message with any ticket numbers you may have so we can take a look at any troubleshooting you may have done. Cheers!